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Rentmeesterschap is voor veel christen-politici de centrale waarde in hun visie op de economie. Maar rente is parasitair op economische activiteit. Über en Airbnb zijn de rentmeesters in de moderne economie en zijn niet echt de voorbeelden van ‘rentmeesterschap’ die christen-politici voor ogen hebben. (more…)

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platform-economie: beschermingsgeld of belasting

“The world of plundering chieftains slowly gave way to tax-collecting monarchies around the year 1000.” Valerie Hansen introduceert daarmee in haar boek “The Year 1000” [*] Willem de Veroveraar (more…)

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the ruminant economy – post corona

Under pressure everything becomes fluid; under pressure, one learns who ones friends are. Both apply to the world coping now with the corona pandemic. The government makes a glorious comeback as steward of health and the economy. The platform economy, the frontline of what I have called the ruminant economy, is losing its balance on the wobbly platform it has erected for itself. But also other business practices show to be untenable in a healthy society. Time to turn. (more…)

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