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privacy policy

This site is my corner of the web where I present my thoughts and products. Visits to this site are not much different from walking into a store on the High Street. Your visit is being registered by the build-in programs of the web server, which means that you reveal see your IP-address and which pages you read, and for how long, and other standard data that you reveal by surfing on the web. I only don’t care about ‘you’, only about the numbers of people reading my very interesting pages :-). And you should not care about me, because you cannot log in to my website, place content, or do financial transactions. So surf around, read something, learn something, laugh a bit, and go on to the next site. If you enjoyed your time or learned something, drop me a line at the address in the footer, because I do care about people who care and enjoy themselves.

If you are trying to login to this website, because you see it uses wordpress and you know where the login should be, please know that you are being tracked and that my tracking is not compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Just get lost, why should your privacy be protected when you want to break into my house?