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This trip will lead you through the polder Waterland, north of Amsterdam. It is a beautiful polder where you can see for yourself how the waterlevels are managed. One can also stand on the layer of peet that floats on the water. Trip: 30km

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Immigratie vereist een andere houding

Laten we als voorbeeld eens naar Achmed kijken. Hij woont in een dorpje in het Rif-gebergte in Marokko. Hij is 49 jaar, heeft lagere school en beroepsonderwijs gevolgd en heeft nu een winkeltje. Hij zou naar een ander land willen emigreren om zijn kinderen een betere toekomst te geven, want in het dorp zijn er nu niet veel mogelijkheden om je te ontplooien.

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Neoliberaal voorgerecht.

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Lees ook: "Naar de Stad"

I have published an internet book called "Naar de Stad." Unfortunately for people who do not speak Dutch it is in Dutch. It contains reflections and ideas on city life, city building, city decay, encounter and public life, gardens and promises. Enough interesting stuff for you to check if there is a Dutch course available near you. The lucky people who do speak Dutch are invited to walk around through the pages. As I say in Dutch: "Ga wat grasduinen over het asfalt en tussen het beton."

In the Floriade 2012 Gondola ...

"so you don't have to ..." (yes, I know, but it sounds so funny being wrong).


Die Sendung mit der Maus

I think he is older than Sesame street, the Mouse of the WDR, the Westdeutsche Rundfunk, the public broadcaster of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. I discovered this funny, sometimes slightly pedantic creature when we were able to receive German tv in Amsterdam, somewhere in the '70-ties. The mouse has always simple and sweet solutions for all kinds of problems, with a wink to conventions. And, as with all really successful programs for children, it is not childish, but has a humour that also speaks to adults. When visiting Köln recently, I saw the WDR-Arkade with the "Laden mit der Maus" (the Shop with the Mouse), so I got my Maus-relics.
If you think the image is a bit bubbled: it is a scan from the paper bag I got, which traveled back home in my backpack.