Hans Groen

onlandse monnik

Onlandse monnik

Waarom die daar staat ben ik vergeten, het staat wel op een bordje aan de weg. Olympus OM-D E-M1ii, D Zuiko 12-60/2.8-4, 4.5, 1/1250

the ruminant economy and laudato si’

The first draft of the ‘ruminant economy’ was discussed at a meeting of the committee of the European Social Weeks, as background to our discussion of the theme for the 8th European Social Week. » …

the ruminant economy 6 – some conclusions

A few concluding statements containing the ideas that I would like to be remembered, and a couple of ideas I could not place in the essays.
» …

the ruminant economy 5 – labour and rest

There is labour, which is productive and which takes care of the material well-being of the community. In a healthy society, one where extreme scarcity (hunger, poverty) is not the paramount reality, productive labour produces a surplus » …

the ruminant economy 4 – it is eating us

For about two centuries, the economy has been approached from the frame of labour and capital. The core is ‘productive’ labour: we make something that has more value than the sum of its ‘ingredients’: » …

the ruminant economy 3 – (un)employment

Our image that accompanies unemployment is always about the jobs that have disappeared yesterday and the developments that have led to that situation. It is the employment policy of yesterday that politics and labour unions often are protecting. » …

the ruminant economy 2 – non standard employment

There is a short story by Heinrich Böll called “Anecdote to lower labour morality” (“Anekdote zur Senkung der Arbeitsmoral”, 1963). It is about a tourist who takes a picture of a man dozing on his fishing boat, shabby clothes, the picturesque poverty one sees on holiday in European fishing harbours. » …

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Since 1993 I have been self-employed doing research in the field of social philosophy and political theory, and teaching in these fields; practicing as a graphic designer; organizing international seminars and conferences.

naar de stad!

Als we iets nodig hebben wat we niet om de hoek kunnen krijgen, gaan we naar … de stad. Zo gaat dat al eeuwen, en in toenemende mate. Steeds meer mensen wonen in de stad, het oerwoud en het platteland lopen leeg.


Photography has always been a hobby and interest of mine, but I was not into the technical side of it (dark room, chemicals, etc.). Now with digital photography, I can follow my path: making nice pictures, and giving a different perspective on reality through my pictures.

bicycle pages

When mounting your bike, always follow the Bob den Uyl principle. This Dutch author has written the first and only philosophy of biking. His most important insight: forget the ‘goal’ of the trip. Just go wherever the wind will take you.

alternative encyclopedia

De bron van niet-vermoede kennis, ongewone weetjes, antwoorden op vragen die u niet had, redeneringen die kloppen (alleen …), echte alternatieve feiten, verzameld ter lering als vermaak.

about me

Some information about me: Born in Amsterdam. I am married to Scott Owen (official date: April 20, 1986; legal date, because laws are always after the fact: April 20 2001). I Studied Philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and at the ICS in Toronto » more