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the ruminant economy 5 – labour and rest

There is labour, which is productive and which takes care of the material well-being of the community. In a healthy society, one where extreme scarcity (hunger, poverty) is not the paramount reality, productive labour produces a surplus (more…)

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the ruminant economy 3 – (un)employment

Our image that accompanies unemployment is always about the jobs that have disappeared yesterday and the developments that have led to that situation. It is the employment policy of yesterday that politics and labour unions often are protecting. (more…)

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the ruminant economy 1 – introduction

At the European Social Week in Milan, Februari 2019, I heard two presentations that shed an interesting light on the current state of labour and employment in Europe. In a number of articles, I would like to discuss some aspects of this situation that I think are important. (more…)

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1 mei en de laatste arbeider

Het tijdperk van ‘de arbeider’ als grootmacht in de economie loopt ten einde. Niet dat de arbeider als machtsfactor verdwijnt, maar er komt een nieuwe macht naast, (more…)

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