hans groen *17 09 1959 - †11 08 2022

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When mounting your bike, always follow the Bob den Uyl principle. This Dutch author has written the first and only philosophy of biking. His most important insight: forget the ‘goal’ of the trip. Just go wherever the wind will take you.

I bought my first ten-speed in 1980, a RIH, a famous Dutch brand. Mine was one of the last series made in the Westerstraat in Amsterdam, before the brand was sold to Cove and the shop in the Amsterdam turned to producing custom made bikes. I had it repainted at the Westerstraat workshop and almost completely rebuild the bike at home — only the handlebars and seat post remained the original.

I have used also two mountain bikes, an American Eagle and than a Presto (also a bit of an old-famous Amsterdam brand who seized producing bikes).

Now I have a Trek 1.2, an easy going bike that more than suffices my needs.