hans groen *17 09 1959 - †11 08 2022

ghettos and squares / getto’s en pleinen

For the 2000 Congress of the Stichting Christelijk-Sociaal Congres (Foundation Christian-Social Congress) the study Getto’s en Pleinen (Ghettos and Squares) was commissioned by the Stichting Socires.
In co-operation with mr. Jos van Gennip, member of the Dutch Senate for the CDA some thirty Dutch social organisations, ranging form labour-unions to broadcasting corporations and sports organisations, were interviewed about their view on present day society and culture. In the analysis it is pointed out that (christian-)social organisations have to realise that modern society is not characterised by a one-dimensional cleavage (like capital and labour used to cause). Social organisations and institutions have to take seriously the patchwork biography of individuals and their basic ability to be self-supportive.

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www.christelijksociaalcongres.nl …
The website of the Foundation Christian Social Congress (Stichting Christelijk-Sociaal Congres) which commissioned the research.