hans groen *17 09 1959 - †11 08 2022


Current research issues relate to the relation between community and society, the idolatry of economics, and the European public space.

A red line in my thinking has been that I do not like communities, at least not in the sense how political and social theories within the communitarian line think of them.

Then there are some projects which sit on my desk and are progressing when I am not occupied with commissioned research. These projects are:

Naar de stad
A research project on how the city can be a meeting-place for society. I want to combine insights form architecture, cityplanning and social sciences. Also I will add a lot of pictures. I have published the material on a separate website (see below). This also gives me the opportunity to update and extend the story. The results will be published on this website.

Rondom sociale bewegingen
I want to write a short book on the phenomenon of social movements, maybe a bit broader, the insights I have collected over the years. It should not be an introduction to the different social movements we meet. Rather, I would like to explain why social movements exist in the first place, and what they mean for our efforts of building a decent society.

Elsewhere on the web:

www.hansgroen.com/NaarDeStad/ …
Naar de Stad is now available on my website as an electronic book. Please follow the link; only remember, the text is in Dutch.

www.stipo.nl/Pleinen …
An article on city squares by a bureau affiliated with the University of Amsterdam.

www.socires.nl …
The portal to the project Vitaal Lokaal, ‘New life for Local Communities’