Hans Groen

opmaak / lay-out

Verslag van de 6 Floriade conferenties van het foodFIRST-programma, 2012.

Omslag en binnenwerk voor een brochure vna de Eduardo Frei Stichting

Omslag en binnenwerk van een boekje bij het afscheid van Peter van Duyvenbode bij de toenmalige Besturenraad (nu Verus).

Binnenwerk voor Van dorpsboerderij tot Stadteland, een publicatie bij het 10 jarig bestaan van de Eemlandhoeve in Bunschoten

During 5 years in the mid ’90s, I did the design and typesetting of Samenspel, monthly newsletter of a church in Amsterdam. I did the typesetting of the articles, the image editing, and I also managed the workflow for the printer and the distribution. The newsletter could be anything between 4 and 12 pages and appeared 11 times a year.
I made some gradual changes in the lay-out of this newsletter, enought to have it completely transformed in about 3 years.
Working with strict deadlines and being very accurate — one does not want to have printing errors when it comes to times, and it is in general sloppy — but also creating attracktive pages in a set frame were a good and enjoyable challenge.
As is often the case, after some time both parties have to move on and develop fresh ideas; it was an invaluable experience.