hans groen *17 09 1959 - †11 08 2022

graphic design

I design logos, flyers, and publications, and design websites, and I advise about printed and electronic communications.
I have a preference for simple design, and tend to rely more on typographic elements and clear lines than ornaments and complex drawings.

I did courses in Graphic Design at the Grafisch Lyceum, Amsterdam, and took painting and drawing classes at the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver. I also did courses on php and mysql programming.
Since 2000 I have been the designer for the Stichting Christelijk-Sociaal Congres, designing the website and the series of publications. Other organisations that use my services are the Stichting Socires, SOFT Tulip Nederland, and the Eduardo Frei Foundation. I advised other organisations about their websites, among which SID-Netherlands, SID-Europe, Encuentro Latino Europeo.

About this website

I have had my own website since 1998. My first website was written with notepad; the current version is written with php and driven my a mysql database. I also implemented content management features. All pages are generated in the index.php page and can easily be changed over the intern