hans groen *17 09 1959 - †11 08 2022


I have taught Social Philosophy at VU University, Amsterdam, Political Theory at Simon Fraser University, and Philosophy of Law at Royal Roads University. In addition, I have given short courses for the Dutch Labour Union CNV, and for the Continental Art Centre.
I am a very dedicated teacher and am able to interest students for difficult subjects which are at first sight thought to be irrelevant.

Sessional Teacher Poltical Theory and Philosophy of Law
I have worked as sessional instructor at at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby (courses on social movements), and Royal Roads University, Colwood/Victoria (on philosophy of law), giving both traditional class-room instruction, as well as on-line courses.

Teaching Dutch at the UBC Coninuing Studies Language Program
Teaching Dutch to people in Canada taught me also a lot about the language, and about teaching. It was good to see that people are interested in the Dutch language, for whatever reasons.

Multiculturalism and art
Summer 2004 I gave a workshop at the Christian Arts Seminar, the yearly conference of the Continental Art Centre. The theme of the conference was Multiculturalims. My contribution was a workshop with the title of Multiculturalism, Encounter, Art, a snake biting its own tail. I argued that a multicultural society is not possible because it blocks encounter, being the most fundamental characteristic of living in society. However, Art as a way of communicating, can bring about encounter despite all kinds of cultural barriers. A text version will be available later on.

Computer Leerprogramma Logica 2.1 / Logictutor 2.1

This program was developed for the Department of Philosophy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I coached and managed the students who were writing the programme within the specifications set by me and prof.dr. Wim de Jong.
The programme teaches the student sentential logic in both propositional and predicate logic. It gives the student feedback about the way he or she uses the rules of sentential logic, and it gives suggestions about how to proceed. System requirements are: Windows X98, 2000 or XP.