Round trips from Amsterdam

Below you find a list of GPS-tracks of trips I have made with my RIH road bike. I have had a Garmin 705 since the fall of 2009 and use it on both my road bike as well as my mountain bike. On these pages you will find interesting tours around Amsterdam, where I live, and leaving from Amsterdam in one way. These are all one day tours.

Tracks that leave Amsterdam start from where I live. It should not be too difficult to pick up the tracks from other points in Amsterdam. I edit the tracks if necessary: sometimes the road is not completely clear and I have to look for signs, or I miss where I have to turn off. Both cause redundant points in the track. Instead of editing the track, I might also just do the ride again. Any points to watch out for, such as road works at time of riding, are mentioned in the notes. Have fun!

All tracks are zipped. That seems redundant, but though longer trips can grow kind of big, they are written as an xml-file and it is all text. When you don't zip them, you get the contents written as a text file in a separate browser window. Of course you can then save it as a gpx, but why not have the zip-hurdle to take, eh?

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A route planner for The Netherlands. One can find door-to-door the routes and download gps-tracks. The map is a bit slow, and one has to switch between zoom functions via a menu. The language is Dutch

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This trip will lead you through the polder Waterland, north of Amsterdam. It is a beautiful polder where you can see for yourself how the waterlevels are managed. One can also stand on the layer of peet that floats on the water. Trip: 30km

This is an interesting one: see the harbour and industrial area of Amsterdam, then along the Noordzeekanaal towards Velsen, with a view on the Corus steelfactory, and then via a steep climb on a dune in Bloemendaal, the luxury town of Holland, through Haarlem back to Amsterdam. Half way, i.e. in 'Halfweg', the old sugar factory. Trip: 61km.

A favourite of mine: one can do it after work on a summer evening, without the need of a light on the bike. Diverse countryside on the menu: polderland, forest, old towns (Naarden and Muiden). Trip: 71km.

[> 17-04-2010
Do this tour in spring, when the bulbs are blooming, because the area around De Zilk is in the midst of the flower bulb region. If you are allergic to smells, do it later (and miss the colours)! You also will have a taste of the Dutch dunes, just like the polder a typical phenomenon of Holland. Trip: 83km.

Zandvoort is the nearest sea resort out of Amsterdam, and it makes a good afternoon trip -- or the whole day when one wants to lay on the beach for a while. This route is spiced up with a detour over the steep hill in Bloemendaal, 'Het Kopje' -- not very high, but still 8 to 10%, so a good way to train for the real mountains. Trip: 74km.

[> 17-10-10
This 140km trip needs the right wind when you do it on your own. Very impressive, because you go along very old polders (the Beemster), and very new (Flevoland). The leg between Hoorn and Amsterdam is always nice, and the dike from Lelystad to Muiden is great -- just pick the right wind! Trip: 138km.

This trip leads you along the Noord Hollands Kanaal, through the Beemster (world heritage!) along some fields where flower bulbs are grown (tulips, narcisses, hyacinths). A good trip for April -- I would say the second half, then there will be more flowers in the fields. Trip: 96km.

One of my favourite trips, this one with an extension over to Flevoland. You get quite a variety in countryside: traditional polders, lateral moraines (Het Gooi), the estuary of the Eemland, and the reclamed land of Flevoland. Trip: 86 km.

[> 26-06-2011_Rondje
This is a must do: bike around the Haarlemmermeer polder, on the Ring Dike. The circumference itself is about 60km, point zero is in the southwestern point. Always a bit of a doubt: clockwise or counterclockwise? With prevailing winds from the SW, counterclockwise works the best. You can do it as an afternoon ride out of Amsterdam. The total trip will be around 85 km. When you have more more touristic intentions: visit Cruquius, the biggest steam pump in the world; along with three other steam pumps, it emptied the lake in the mid 19th century. Trip: 86km.

A short round trip which will bring you past the villages Durgerdam and Uitdam on the Markermeerdijk (dike) to the former island of Marken. Back via Monnickendam and Broek in Waterland, and along the Noordhollands Kanaal towards Amsterdam Central Station. Good for an easy day trip: spend some time on Marken and in Monnickendam. Trip: 46km.

A good ride of 45km for a nice summer evening, along the Amsterdam-Rijn Kanaal (ARK) and back through the polder and along the peet rivers near Loenersloot and Abcoude. Trip: 47km.

[> 27-05-2012_To_Marken_and_around_the
A trip to Marken over the old IJsselmeer dike (more correctly, the Zuiderzee dike), and around the island. Yes, there is a path over the little dike around Marken; bikes are allowed, it is narrow and bumpy (uneven bricks for most of the distance), and one has to share it with pedestrians who also love this walk. Behave yourself! The trip goes back through the polder of Waterland, fasciniating immediately after heavy rains. Trip: 48km.

This trip starts along the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, a busy connection between Amsterdam Harbour and the rest of Europe. Around Maarsen it got a bit messy, and rather mediocre. From there along the weteringen to Woerden and up north, one is in the middle of the polder of the Green Hart of Holland. Before reaching Amsterdam, one touches the polder De Ronde Hoep which is still only accessible for the farmers. Trip: 90km.

A nice trip through the flatlands towards Weesp and Hilversum, and through the polder land west of Breukelen, winding back home along the 17th and 18th century estates of the rich in Amsterdam. As I happened to do this trip on a Sunday, the roads were too busy with cyclists and cars, so I fled to the ARK around Loenen, taking the cycle highway back to AMS. To be continued with the complete route along the Vecht later on. Trip: 80km.

Another 'finally': the tour around the Beemster, home of the Beemster Cheese and the New York grid, as Beemster Cheese wants to have it. The New York connection is not true. It still is enough of a wonder to be listed as a World Heritage: one of the first lakes to be emptied, with a systematic square grid of about 100 yards. Realized mid 17th century (the New York grid dates from 1811, much later). The polder as good as you can get. Trip: 82km.

The full route from Weesp along the river Vecht towards Breukelen, and than onto the polderland towards Ter Aar, than back along waters that will turn into the Amstel River later on. Trip: 99km.

[> 20140907_Purmerend_Edam.gpx
A good trip for a Sunday afternoon. It's about 50km long and it leads you along nice polder landscape, and as a bonus a view on the reclaimed land of the Beemster. Do stop in Edam, at the central square with the huge brick bridge ove the little canal. Trip: 52km.

[> 31-08-2014_Rondje _HaarlemBeverwijkCastricumZaanstad.gpx
A round trip to Haarlem, passing over Het Kopje, onto Beverwijk past the steelworks in Velzen, up to Castricum, and then back through the Zaanstreekt and the Hempont. They have done something horrible around the railway station of Zaandam. In case you wonder where to look: the colour is green... Trip: 78km.

[> 20170417_ZuiderZee_Beemster.gpx
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[> 21072017_GrandTourGroeneHart.gpx
A trip along the Amstel River and on to Gouda, then through the Green Heart (Oudewater, Woerden), and back along the Amsterdam-Rijn-Kanaal. I lost it a bit in Woerden. Enjoy the polders! Trup: 127km.

Along the Markermeerdijk (former Zuider Zee) up to almost in Hoorn, and then back via the top of the Beemster Polder. Trip: 85km.

A trip along the Amstel River and on to Gouda, then through the Green Heart (Oudewater, Woerden), and back along the Amsterdam-Rijn-Kanaal. I lost it a bit in Woerden. Enjoy the polders! Trip: 127km.