hans groen *17 09 1959 - †11 08 2022

just some facts

People who are most concerned about the technicalities never produce decent pictures. Technique is an aid to artistic expression, not a goal in itself. The representation of the subject is primary, the technical quality secundary — a techincal ‘flaw’ can even be an enhancement of the quality. Only people who cannot take pictures think there is something like ‘the best’ camera.

In the mean time, everything got more portable, and full frame DSLR’s are widely available. Storage is no issue, in fact.
I predict that SLR’s will become obsolete in about 10 years. They will be replaced with mirrorless camera’s with electronic viewfinders. The quality of EVF’s is getting better and better, and there is one thing in which a mirrorless system is superior: one can project the histogram on the viewfinder and adjust exposure interactively on screen. It is the one feature of the Dimage7 which I miss on the E330.
High quality pictures are taken on 6×6 film, preferably with film of asa 25 or 50 to get a smooth image. A high quality scanner will scan that negative on 4800 dpi, being 1890 dpc, which results in a picture of 11.340 by 11.340 pixels, about 128.5 Megapixels. Compute yourself the rest for a 12 bit RGB tiff file, and you see that this quality is not yet as portable as a decent Hasselblat with 10 rolls of film — at least, that I wrote in 2011.