hans groen *17 09 1959 - †11 08 2022

lessons in photography

On these pages I give some views that I have acquired on photography and which I rarely come across in other articles. My intention is not to give a comprehensive guide to photography. I want to share some experiences and insights which I have found to be valuable and helpful. The topics are grouped in alphabetical order, so one can start anywhere and hop through the page following the links.

Some information about myself, so you can at least value the bias I have: I have always been interested in photography, but had not had the opportunity to really develop this as a hobby or occupation, until digital camera’s came around. Because I lack an interest in the technique of processing and printing, I always considered photography too expensive and cumbersome as a real hobby. After I took up graphic design, I found that also the quality of the pictures I took improved. And now, with digital equipment, I am free to experiment — with my Minolta D7 I took in the first year about 3000 pictures, which would have cost me more than that camera if I would have had to pay for films and processing. In the mean time, I have changed to an Olympus E330, back ‘home’ so to say, for i started serious photography with an OM10.
I am not a full-time professional photographer. My main job is working as a consultant for social organisations. But a considerable part of my work is also graphic design and editorial work, and here I can put my principles into (paid) action. Above all, photography is for me a form of art.

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