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the ruminant economy 4 – it is eating us

For about two centuries, the economy has been approached from the frame of labour and capital. The core is ‘productive’ labour: we make something that has more value than the sum of its ‘ingredients’: (more…)

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the ruminant economy 3 – (un)employment

Our image that accompanies unemployment is always about the jobs that have disappeared yesterday and the developments that have led to that situation. It is the employment policy of yesterday that politics and labour unions often are protecting. (more…)

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1 mei en de laatste arbeider

Het tijdperk van ‘de arbeider’ als grootmacht in de economie loopt ten einde. Niet dat de arbeider als machtsfactor verdwijnt, maar er komt een nieuwe macht naast, (more…)

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social dialogue and the limits of labour

Europe has climbed out of the crisis, employment rates are rapidly raising in a lot of European countries. At the same time, there are more ‘working poor’ than unemployed in The Netherlands. (more…)

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youth unemployment mismatch of school and work

Youth unemployment is a big issue in Europe. With an average of 20%, and some countries scoring as high as 50%, youth are worse off than the total workforce. Inevitable? Youth unemployment follows the general trend, (more…)

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we want to be seen!!

‘We want to be seen!’ That was the message shouted by about 70 cleaners who walked into a meeting in Doorn, The Netherlands, where Dutch employer’s organisation VNO-NCW, and the labour union CNV held their spring seminar (more…)

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