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social dialogue and the limits of labour

Europe has climbed out of the crisis, employment rates are rapidly raising in a lot of European countries. At the same time, there are more ‘working poor’ than unemployed in The Netherlands. (more…)

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creation, alliance, promise

With these three words Elena Lasida characterised a social economy that enhances society. She gave one of the clearer and more intriguing presentations on the 5th European Social Week, held in Ostend, Belgium, from 23-25 January 2014. (more…)

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schepping, verbond, belofte

Met die drie woorden karakteriseerde Elena Lasida een sociale economie die het samenleven bevordert. Zij had daarmee één van de meer intrigerende en heldere bijdragen aan de 5de Europese Sociale Week (more…)

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youth unemployment mismatch of school and work

Youth unemployment is a big issue in Europe. With an average of 20%, and some countries scoring as high as 50%, youth are worse off than the total workforce. Inevitable? Youth unemployment follows the general trend, (more…)

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