Meta Web

This website has seen several face lifts over the past years. Interestingly, for my business having a website does not elicit much response. Occasionally I get a response from a visitor, mainly on some entry in the Alternative Encyclopaedia, or about biking from Amsterdam to Paris.

With a tracking programme one can register all traffic. Interesting stuff: a recurrent search string is something containing "mutual masturbation". There are no x-rated pages on this website, still with these words you get somewhere on this site ... find out yourself. Most likely, you now get to the page you are reading right now after having searched on these terms. Writing on the references on the internet changes the references!

One of the very popular pages, at least considering the reactions, is the Alternative Encyclopedia. You have to be able to read Dutch in order to appreciate most of that Encyclopedia. The most fun I have with the entry on "de gustibus non est disputandem" or, "there is no quarreling about taste". People get thrown off by the mix of serious information and the non-sense on this item; please, don't e-mail Gallimard in Paris asking if the book is still in print.

Also funny: if you 'google' Deng Xiao Ping on, and limit your search to Dutch pages, you might find an entry from this website on the first page.

In other words, do not believe what you read on the internet!