About me

Some information about me: Born 17 September 1959, Amsterdam. I Studied Philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and at the ICS in Toronto and graduated in 1986.
Got my PhD in 1990 on a thesis called Justice without Consensus (on John Ralws's A Theory of Justice). My promotor was prof.dr. Henk E.S. Woldring (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam or VU University for those who did not learn Dutch).
I am married to Scott Owen (official date: April 20, 1986; legal date, because laws are always after the fact: April 20 2001).

I sang in the Sweelinck Cantorij of the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, for some time, after my beloved Koor Nieuwe Muziek (Choir New Music) was dissolved. The Koor Nieuwe Muziek was a semi-professional choir which specialized in contemporary music, i.e., roughly anything composed after 1900 (Charles Ives, Elliot Carter, Mauricio Kagel, Louis Andriessen, Peter Schat, etc.). Each year, (Dutch) composers got commissions to write pieces for us. In 1994 the choir was awarded the Price for Dutch Choirmusic.
The choir performed with the Royal Concertgebouworkest, The Rotterdam Philharmonic, The Dutch Chamber Orchestra, the Willem Breuker Collectief, etc. Due to all kinds of reasons, it turned in a purely professional choir. In 2004, the choir ended its activities.

Favorite Music
Hard to name anything specific; in general, vocal music. Special interests: anything which is not yet, or not anymore tonal:

(Too) Late Romantics: Schönberg's Verklärte Nacht (Scott gets seasick from this music!);

Bruckner (listen to Nicolaus Harnoncourt and his Bruckner 3 with the Royal Concertgebouworkest).

Rule of thumb for me: I enjoy anything which is written with taste and anything which is performed with love for the music.

Abel Herzberg: Tweestromenland (about his stay in KZ-lager Bergen-Belsen);
Heinrich Böll: Biljart um halbzehn (a metaphor of 20th century Germany);
Margaret Atwood: Cat's Eye (so you understand girls);
Machiavelli: Il Principe and Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan (so you understand people).

Elsewhere on the web:

www.scottowen.org ...
The website of my partner, Scott Owen, with whom I have been living together since 1986